My Story

My Story
mayo 16, 2016 AKAWonder

Hello friends,

Welcome to my new website. In this first article I want to tell you about my personal story, on how I went from being a Computer Engineering student who liked to play video games in my free time to a professional Hearthstone player, who gives little time to information technology/computer science nowadays.

It all started in my first year of university, I don´t know why, but I discovered the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. At the beginning I didn’t play that much until I discovered some mods called «DotA Allstars», which today have become the eSport number one, League of Legends.

Dota_allstars_gameI loved DotA Allstars, I enjoyed playing with Barathrum but a few months later I saw an announcement on social networks, «League of Legends» a game created by developers of DotA Allstars with a better map, better graphics and a whole game instead of just a mod of another game.

I gave it and go, and I was hooked playing for a year in a spanish team, however, after playing in an eSport team I ended up being a little disappointed with my colleagues and I left the competition scene. At that time Hearthstone came out. I saw it for the first time while watching someone’s Twitch stream. that person played this card game during the queues of League of Legends. I tried playing it, but it was on Beta, so I had to wait for it to be opened to all the public.

Once I got access to the game I learned how to play arenas, I got all the cards in one or two months and started to play ranked games, reaching legend from the first month.

The second month I achieved very high ranks, there were barely hundreds of players in legend so I believed that I was very good, and I got to play some online tournaments. The first tournaments were a great disaster because I did not know how they worked, but when I realized, I started to have good results in the Spanish competitions, although it is true that the international competitions as Zotac were too far away for me at that time.

I won some online competitions in Spain and my streaming started to become popular, but my desires to win had just begun. I played the tournament that the LVP had, so I could go to Gamergy and I reached the Final Cup, which I ended up winning in December 2014.



I can say that this was my first small step and at the same time, a big one in the world of the eSports, specially because it made me think that the fact of winning the biggest competition in Spain, would allow me to reach the highest point, and also, that in order to get further progress I needed to go abroad.

That is how I got in touch with SKGaming, my current club. In this video you can see our thoughts about this, with Alex Müller, current SKGaming Managing Director.


They requested me to win two international online tournaments in order to be part of the team, as I was a complete unknown on the international scene and these events opened the doors of SKGaming, who hired me. Probably you might think that from here everything was easy, but it was not really like that.

On 1 January 2015 I signed my first contract with SKGaming, and at that time, I did not spent my 100% time to Hearthstone, on the contrary, I had two business that kept me busy from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon, virtually without stopping. Then I arrived home with desire to prepare the streaming for the night and play Hearthstone Tournaments. SO you can make yourself an idea of the sacrifice which involves meeting the needs of two businesses, a stream and a competitive life in one of the best European teams of eSports.

Sacrificing sleeping hours and leaving aside one of my business, I prepared myself for the first tournament representing SKGaming, the Dreamhack Summer 2015. You all know what happened, my first great success in an international tournament. top4 and losing against the person who was the best player of the moment, Tiddler Celestial.

This great performance allowed me to get into the 20 best world ranking of GosuGamers.

That was an important turning point, not only I had shown that I had the level that you require to compete among the best ones, but also I had shown my level to the whole world, to the hundreds of thousands of people who saw how I lost against Tiddler in semi finals. My team saw this too and they realized that their bet, hiring me, had been a clear success.

From June 2015 to March 2016 I played a dozen international tournaments getting very good results. I lived in a gaming house with my team colleagues and I left my business to dedicate myself fully to the eSports, and either due to luck or to some sort of reward to the work done in March I won one of the major and most prestigious award today, the ESL Legendary Series of Katowice.

The dream of every professional player has become a reality for me, winning one of the largest European competitions, but I feel that I still have much more to give to the Hearthstone.

So this is my story, the computer engineer that left his whole life aside in order to live a dream, a dream that has just started.

Welcome to my website!