Glosario de términos



Battlecry: Effect that takes place when the minion is placed on the board.

Charge: This minion can attack the same turn that it is played..

Choose One: When you play this minion you can choose one of the two effects.

Combo: This effect only take place when you have played another card this turn.

Deathrattle : When the card with Deathrattle leaves the board, it will trigger the effect. 

Divine shield: The minion with this effect will ignore the first damage that he receives.

Enrage : This effect is triggered only when the minion is injured. He will lose it if he is healed.

Freeze: Freezed characters can not attack on their next turn.

Inspire: When you use your heroe power, will trigger this effect.

Overload : This effect comes with a number. When you play this card, the number will be the mana that you can not use on your next turn.

Power Spell: Increase the damage that inflicts the spells depending on the positive number stated of the Power Spell.

Secret: This card is played upside down, and the effect take place when the condition on the card is matched. Maximum of secret on your side is 5.

Stealth: A minion with stealth can not be attacked of be selected as a target by a direct spell. Usually it will lose the effect when the minion attacks.

Silence: A silenced card will lose all the effects that they have at this moment.

Summon: When the condition is met, it permits you to summon a minion with the stated stats and effects.

Taunt: If an enemy attack, the minions with taunt are the first one to be attacked. You can choose which taunt minion to attack if there are more than one minions with taunt.

Transform: This effect transforms a minion to something totally different. This effect can not be undone.

Windfury: This effect permits attacking two time this turn.


Meta: This defines what decks and strategies are used by most of the players on ladder.

AggroThis type of deck will try to get the lower the live of the opponent in the first turns of the game trying not to exchange the minions. This will be done as quick as possible so that your opponent cant play big minions or high mana spells. The mana curve for this type of decks wont have cards of high cost (more than 5 manas)

Midrange: With this strategy you will try to have the control of the board with your minions between the turns 7 – 10.

Control: Maintaining the absolute control during the whole game is the aim of this deck, using spells, minions or weapons, that removes every thing on the board. You expect to win when the opponent runs out of resources or with your strong high value cards.

Tempo: Your main aim is to put pressure to your opponent every turn with minions, so that he needs to use his/her resources on a defensive way.

Fatigue: This moment happened when your opponent or yourself runs out of cards and each draw will result in one point of damage, and each turn it will escalate this damage adding one damage to each draw.

Mill: This type of strategy will try to get your opponent to fatigue and win with their self inflicted damage because of the lack of cards to draw. Its a very difficult deck to manage as you have to decide your best way to not die yourself.

Other terms

Window: Its the moment during the match in which an agro deck uses the last burst spells to finish off the opponent instead of using them to get board control. This concept was used by AKAWonder as a comparison with a window that closes little by little and unless you use it, you can not win anymore.

Trade: Its called when you decided to attack with your minion to one of your opponent. If yours is the only one that survive, its called an efficient trade.